South Lake Babe Ruth Baseball

SLYS Fall 2024 Volunteer Registration


Welcome to the Fall 2024 Volunteer Registration with South Lake Babe Ruth Baseball!

Managers, Coaches and Volunteers,


Thank you for stepping up to the plate! Before going any further, there are a few requirements to go over. Babe Ruth League is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for its participant’s physical, emotional, and social development and to ensure that it promotes an environment free from abuse and misconduct. With this commitment in mind, ALL STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS with consistent & direct contact with players through league sanctioned activities will be REQUIRED to have an annual Babe Ruth League Membership (Note: the Membership in and of itself is Free; it is the actual Background Screening that has a fee). Within that membership, the following Eligibility Credentials will be required every two years (with the State of Florida having an annual requirement):

  • "Gold Standard" Background Screen, available through SportsEngine/NCSI
  • Abuse Prevention Training, available through SportsEngine's APS Training
  • Child Protection Program Acknowledgement


*Managers – You MUST have a Babe Ruth Coaching Certificate prior to registering. We highly encourage Assistant Coaches to complete the course as well.


*Umpires – Please note that while this form does say Volunteer Registration, we do in fact pay our umpires accordingly based upon the division in which they officiate. We are merely attempting to gather a little more information such as certifications and/or experience.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Joe Sea

Vice President